470f8ddb — builds.sr.ht automation 12 days ago main
ci: refresh locked dependencies

Post-release version bump
Release 1.0.0
nox: disable reuse_venv for bump and publish sessions

These aren't handled by pip-compile, so we always want to recreate them
and install new dependencies.
4ec29a20 — builds.sr.ht automation 19 days ago
ci: refresh locked dependencies

doc fedrq.1: use formatting consistent with man-pages(7)
d7eafd48 — builds.sr.ht automation 26 days ago
ci: refresh locked dependencies

doc: remove broken reference
lint ruff: address Deprecation warnings
nox codeqa: use new ruff check subcommand
lint: add cast to fix type error with new mypy
6661f01a — builds.sr.ht automation a month ago
ci: refresh locked dependencies

.copr Makefile: call nox with python3 -m

/usr/bin/nox includes the -P flag which prevents nox from accessing
local modules. Additionally, call fclogr in the noxfile with `python3
-m` to avoid PATH-related issues outside of venv.
ci Copr: ensure python3-pip is installed
fixup! ci Copr: install only pygit2 from Fedora repos
ci Copr: install only pygit2 from Fedora repos

Copr makes it difficult to enable external repos. This way, we don't
have to worry about building pygit2 but can still install fclogr from
ci Copr: enable fclogr repository manually
ci Copr: use fclogr RPM package instead of PyPI package

This prevents issues with building pygit2 on Copr ppc64le chroots that
don't have a pre-built wheel on PyPI.
nox: support --no-venv flag in install() function