efc2828b75b60fe325429ddff39f9082d7f03b1e — Maxwell G 8 months ago f0ab10a
Release.get_base: un-deprecate omitting `config` arg

Now that the Release class has a config attribute, there's no need to
require passing it as an argument.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

M src/fedrq/config.py
M src/fedrq/config.py => src/fedrq/config.py +2 -7
@@ 255,9 255,7 @@ class Release:
        fill_sack: bool = True,
    ) -> dnf.Base | libdnf5.base.Base:
        :param config: An RQConfig object. Not passing this argument is deprecated.
                       DEPRECATED since 0.4.0: A new RQConfig object will be
                                               created if this is None.
        :param config: An RQConfig object. If this is not passed, `self.config` is used.
        :param base_conf: Base session configuration
        :param base_vars: Base session vars/substitutions (arch, basearch,
                                                           releasever, etc.)

@@ 267,10 265,7 @@ class Release:
                          just return the Base object after applying configuration.
        if config is None:
                "DEPRECATED since 0.4.0: Provide an RQConfig object for 'config'"
            config = get_config()
            config = self.config
        base_conf = base_conf or {}
        base_vars = base_vars or {}
        releasever = config.backend_mod.get_releasever()