#Maxwell G (He/They)

@gotmax:matrix.org | Fedora developer. Ansible Community Steering Committee member. Pythonista.

Most of my projects have their own mailing list for patches and discussion. Use https://lists.sr.ht/~gotmax23/public-inbox for those that don't.


Data about Fedora packages tracked over time


Simple, purpose-built release manager for @gotmax23's projects


Revamped Docker packages for Fedora (and soon EPEL 9)


fedrq is a tool for querying the Fedora and EPEL repositories.


RPM macros to simplify the packaging of forge-hosted projects.


tarfile extension with additional compression algorithms and PEP 706 by default


My collection of scripts for Fedora package maintenance and other misc. things


CLI for modifying toml files. Pronounced "tom clee."


fclogr is a tool for managing RPM changelogs and updates


Python API client for the Sourcehut API

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