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#Source code for gosha.net

This repository contains the source code and assets for my personal homepage, https://gosha.net.

Please feel free to look around and get inspiration. If something is unclear, please open a ticket in the issue tracker or email me.

#Running a local copy

In order to run the website locally, clone the repository and run these commands:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve -l


It's trivial to deploy a copy of this site to Vercel or Netlify. Use the Jekyll build pack and things should run smoothly.

The code for this website is available under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full text.

Please note that while the source code is freely reusable, content and assets included in this repository are copyrighted, most of the time by me, and by others when specifified. You are free to reuse the source code, but please do not copy or reuse images or other assets without permission.

The contents of the following directories are excluded from the MIT License and may not be reused:

  • /_posts
  • /_projects
  • /assets/fonts
  • /assets/images
  • /assets/pdf

In particular, fonts within the /assets/fonts directory are copyrighted by their respective designers. Berkeley Mono is used under a personal license and may not be reused.