SOTA spots for your radio club
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Add reporting callsign to Spot
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No, no macro
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Use camino::Utf8PathBuf


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#SOTA Slack Spotter

A Slack bot that notifies you when a member of your workspace has been spotted on SOTA. It does this by scraping callsigns from the list of Slack users, fetching spot data from the SOTA API, and messaging a channel whenever a member's callsign appears in a spot.


The spotter is intended to run every minute as a cron job.


  • SLACK_BOT_TOKEN: Begins with xoxb.
  • SLACK_CHANNEL: The channel where the bot will post spots.
  • CACHE_DIR: The location on disk where the spotter stores previously-seen spots/alerts and known callsigns (defaults to /tmp).