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% RADM(1) User Commands


radm — console-based display manager


radm is a console-based display manager.

It searches these directories by default:

  1. /usr/share/wayland-sessions/
  2. /usr/local/share/wayland-sessions/


radm [-dv] [-f <TTY>] [-s <PATH>]...


-a, --autologin-group <GROUP_NAME> : Omit password authentication for users in this group

-d, --dbus : Use dbus-run-session to start the desktop.

-f, --focus-on-start <TTY> : Focus the given TTY when radm starts.

-h, --help : Print help information

-l, --log-file <PATH> : Log to this path instead of syslog.

-s, --session-dirs <PATH> : Include this directory when searching for sessions (can be used more than once).

-v, --verbose : Enable DEBUG-level logging (twice for TRACE).

-V, --version : Print version information


Antonio Gurgel <antonio@goorzhel.com>