select date from org calendar for denote-date
update denote-known-keywords
update section for nix advice
replace noto-fonts-cjk-sans with source-han-mono
update org-directory
evaluate nix code block without laziness
.gitkeep -> .keep
bind key to toggle light and dark modus-themes
update message setting Nix formatter
fix chatgpt-shell popup deleted when invisible

The possible values of ttl are:
nil: Buffer isn't auto-killed.
t: Buffer is auto-killed when closed, meaning dismissed or quit.
0: Buffer is auto-killed as soon as it's made invisible.
n: Buffer is auto-killed n seconds after it's been made invisible.
set font for han
org-todo keyword DEPREACTED -> HOLD
keep original lookup providers
toggle and display nix formatter

There are two popular nix formatter: nixfmt and nixpkgs-fmt, to
contribute to projects using them, add a function to toggle between
them, and display the current nix formatter in mode-line.
use kagi.com for +lookup/online
add magit-push-all function to push to all remotes

To push to both origin and mirrors without the need to set up CI for mirroring.