A manual for the mycelial arts.
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A manual for the mycelial arts.


spore is intended to serve as a reference manual for the cultivation of mycelium and mushrooms. Contents will include substrate recipes, techniques and processes - with an emphasis on clear instructions, low-tech approaches and proven methodologies.

Further goals of the spore project are to allow for offline-first viewing of the contained information in multi-formats, such as PDF and a locally-deployed website. It is our sincere hope that this manual will serve numerous individuals, collectives and communities on their co-creative journeys with fungi.

spore has been formed through the collaborative efforts of Harmonic Mycology (Cape Town, South Africa) and the Kiez Pilz Kollektiv (Berlin, Germany).

#Technical Details

The contents of spore are written in Markdown and presented as a digital manual in the form of a website. This format allows ease of navigation and searchability. spore uses mdBook, a software utility written in the Rust programming language, to create the digital manual.


Clone this repository to your computer:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~glyph/spore

Move into the spore directory:

cd spore

Serve a digital version of the manual on your computer:

mdbook serve

Or, build a binary of the manual which can be run as an executable:

mdbook build

See the mdBook User Guide for further information.


You are warmly invited to contact glyph on glyph@mycelial.technology or in the Scuttleverse (@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqkZljBmnkmk=.ed25519) if you have any questions or would like to contribute to the project.