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@@ 3,6 3,10 @@
#+TITLE: ~glorifiedgluer
#+AUTHOR: ~glorifiedgluer

# future me, remember that deploying on CI will not work because you
# need the "refs.bib" file that is on another repository.
#+BIBLIOGRAPHY: ~/org/refs.bib

#+HUGO_PAIRED_SHORTCODES: alert image marginnote sidenote

@@ 63,12 67,14 @@ A capybara giving a ride to a gopher. Made by [[https://www.instagram.com/psicoc
Scattered thoughts, ideas and experiences.

** This will deteriorate quickly                                   :thought:
:EXPORT_FILE_NAME: this-will-deteriorate-quickly
:EXPORT_HUGO_CUSTOM_FRONT_MATTER: :slug this-will-deteriorate-quickly
:EXPORT_DATE: 2020-03-01

Thoughts about the current state of the web, content consuming and its longevity.

@@ 5612,7 5618,33 @@ couldn't even deadlift 50KG properly, this is a really good progress.
Hopefully, next year I'll be able to reach all the goals I had set
for 2023.

** What features I wish Standard ML had                        :sml:thought:
:EXPORT_DATE: 2023-09-18
:EXPORT_FILE_NAME: what-features-i-wish-standard-ml-had
:EXPORT_HUGO_SLUG: what-features-i-wish-standard-ml-had

Features I would like to see on a future Standard ML version or
ML-like language.

**Please, take this post's opinions and ideas with a grain of salt. I'm
not a programming language theorist!**

I'm working with [[https://fsharp.org/][F#]] since July 2022, it was my first experience with
[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ML_(programming_language)][ML-like]] programming languages and, boy, do I love writing it! It was
not a distant future that I was going to give Standard ML a try and it
turned into my favorite programming language in a matter of days.
However, things are not that greener on the other side of the fence as
I wrote on a previous article: [[*Thoughts on Standard ML as of 2023]].[fn:51]

* Footnotes
[fn:51] This post might contain repeated subjects.

[fn:50] I am now aware that I stretched these goals **a lot**. 😁

M export.el => export.el +7 -1
@@ 3,6 3,8 @@
(require 'ox)
(require 'ox-hugo)
(require 'org)
(require 'oc-csl)
(require 'citeproc)

(defun ox-hugo/export-all (&optional org-files-root-dir dont-recurse)
  "Export all Org files (including nested) under ORG-FILES-ROOT-DIR.

@@ 45,7 47,11 @@ Example usage in Emacs Lisp: (ox-hugo/export-all \"~/org\")."

;; regular posts
(setq org-id-locations-file ".orgids"
      org-src-preserve-indentation t)
      org-src-preserve-indentation t
      org-cite-export-processors '((latex biblatex)
                                   (moderncv basic)
                                   (html csl)
                                   (t csl)))

(ox-hugo/export-all "content-org" t)

M flake.nix => flake.nix +1 -0
@@ 28,6 28,7 @@
          customEmacs = (emacsPackagesFor emacs-nox).emacsWithPackages
            (epkgs: with epkgs.melpaPackages; [
            ++ (with epkgs.elpaPackages; [