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** Making JetBrains Rider work with Nix and devenv              :dotnet:nix:
:EXPORT_DATE: 2023-06-22
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How to setup .NET's CLI and MSBuild on JetBrains Rider while using
Nix with devenv.

A few weeks (even months) ago I had a problem that made [[https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/][JetBrains
Rider]] stop working properly on my environment. I figured out that
the problem was due the way [[https://devenv.sh/][devenv]][fn:45] sets up the environment.

Using the ~dotnet~ module on devenv is trivial, you just need to
enable it:

#+begin_src nix
  languages.dotnet.enable = true;

This will set the ~$DOTNET_ROOT~ environment variable with the root
path of your chosen .NET SDK. In this case, you need to set the
following options on Rider:

- Toolset and Build -> .NET CLI executable path:
- Toolset and Build -> MSBuild version:

* Footnotes

[fn:45] Fun fact: I introduced the dotnet module on devenv!

[fn:44] Absolutely nothing related to procrastination!

[fn:43] Actually, there was a [[https://github.com/jacentino/SqlFun/issues/16][previous attempt]], but I failed