An independent Linux® distribution built from scratch
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glaucus is an independent, open-source, general-purpose, bleeding-edge, rolling-release, source-based Linux® distribution based on musl libc and toybox, built from scratch around the suckless philosophy without sacrificing convenience.


Optimized for performance and size, glaucus strives to be as fast and minimal as possible while remaining clean, simple and most importantly convenient.


glaucus initially started out as a hobby project called snail, and has thus been under development for 5 years now.

For more information on glaucus's history, kindly refer to the History page in the wiki.


glaucus drew most of its inspiration from the Linux From Scratch (LFS) project and several other awesome projects.

#Naming Convention

glaucus follows a strict naming convention so it's highly recommended that you refer to the Naming Convention page in the wiki before further reading.


  • Fast
  • Minimal
  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Convenient


  • aarch64
  • armv6zk
  • i686
  • riscv64
  • x86-64-v3


Kindly refer to the Releases page.


Kindly refer to the Wiki for more information regarding glaucus.


Kindly refer to the screenshots repository to see glaucus in action.


Kindly refer to artwork repository for glaucus related artwork.


Firas Khalil Khana (firasuke) <firasuke@glaucuslinux.org>


glaucus is licensed under the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license.


This project is dedicated to my lovely family.