ref: 076c1a4f04db2173afb395d0af8c63a5bbcab6a8 firenvim/tslint.json -rw-r--r-- 520 bytes
Remove sonarts rules from tslint

While probably useful they're pretty buggy and we don't want them
throwing exceptions everytime we make a change.
Implement takeover: nonempty

Closes #286
NeovimFrame.ts: take altGr into account

On MacOS+Swedish layouts, the @ sign is obtained by pressing AltGr+2.
MacOS apparently decides to tell the resulting @ key event that it is
pressed along the `alt` key, which made firenvim treat it as `<A-@>`
rather than plain `@`.
This is fixed by checking if AltGr has been pressed without having been
released before any event. If it has been, do not take the altKey
attribute into account. This means that swedish users can't press
`<A-@>` for now but we'll wait until they complain before further
refactoring our code.
Force exit if :qall doesn't work

Merge pull request #136 from glacambre/firenvim_shortcut

Enable shortcut to trigger firenvim
Enable shortcut to trigger firenvim

Closes #119.
Correctly set browserAction icon

Closes #88
Add tslint-sonarts, fix lots of errors it detected, fix proxy
Populate buffer with textarea content, remove iframe on VimLeave
Add colors
Move to webpack, use node's Stream for stdin/out, make msg JSON
{package,tslint}.json: Add Tslint