ref: 076c1a4f04db2173afb395d0af8c63a5bbcab6a8 firenvim/tests d---------
tests: make key passthrough test pass when ran locally

Hopefully actually issues will be caught in CI.
Fix eval_js test
Implement key ignore

Closes #717
Add keycodes to key events generated by press_keys
Fix modifiers not being registered for special keys

This prevented <C-CR> from working.
Make firenvim work consistently across frames

There was a race condition which sometimes prevented Firenvim from
working on inputs located in frames. This was caused by the wrong
content script answering the Firenvim frame's queries.
Run tests four times

Hopefully this will be enough to ignore flaky tests that prevent
mergeable PRs from being merged.
tests/_common.ts: slow down codemirror test
tests/_common.ts: make failures more verbose
Make chrome tests more reliable on windows

Chrome tests are pretty unreliable on windows. I suspect this is because
windows is slow and has potentially racy code in the testsuite. This is
fixed by removing the race.
tests: stop renaming .zip to .xpi

Not necessarily anymore since
Use system's chromedriver instead of installing new version
Make CodeMirror test more robust
Testsuite: expose reload function in test mode to make tests more robust
tests/_common.ts: make FIRENVIM_INIT_DELAY longer
workflows/test.yml: also test on chrome
Move CI from Travis to Github Actions
content.ts: trim input content before checking if empty
Implement firenvim#eval_js
_common.ts: add delay in guifont test

Chrome tests fail otherwise.