ref: 076c1a4f04db2173afb395d0af8c63a5bbcab6a8 firenvim/autoload d---------
076c1a4f — Brian Ryall 11 months ago
fixes installing fire nvim on brave
748e5162 — lolimay 11 months ago
Fix eval_js arguments list
36a47bdf — lolimay 11 months ago
improve: add callback as an optional argument to handle eval_js result
Match any subdomain of reddit.com in firenvimft.vim
Add www prefix to reddit.com in firenvimft.vim
firenvim.vim: add chrome canary support

Chrome canary uses different data directories than regular chrome. It
also doesn't exist on linux. Linux chrome has the concept of stable,
beta and dev but nobody asked for support for this yet so let's ignore
that for now.
workflows/test.yml: also test on chrome
Move CI from Travis to Github Actions
firenvimft.vim: add markdown ft for lobste.rs
Implement firenvim#eval_js
Various attempts at making sure neovim really shuts down

firenvim.lua: schedule os.exit call separately from :qall!
autoload/firenvim.vim: don't close channel, await closure from parent
Add filetype-detection mechanism
autoload/firenvim.vim: check multiple paths when installing on nixos
autoload/firenvim.vim: fix chmod permissions
autoload/firenvim.vim: detect nix path
firenvim.vim: use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR instead XDG_DATA_DIR
firenvim.vim: implement nativemessenger for brave/opera/vivaldi

These browsers previously worked if chrome was already installed on the
machine. Now they'll work without it.

Closes #180.
Closes #355.
remove autoload/functions.vim
firenvim.vim: implement firenvim#uninstall
firenvim.vim: fix g:started_by_firenvim not being set on windows

Closes https://github.com/glacambre/firenvim/issues/315