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README.md: document passing callbacks to eval_js
Make sure we're only evaluating expressions, not statements
Implement key ignore

Closes #717
Remove persistent server
Fix README encoding
974fb5b5 — Sean Mackesey 1 year, 3 months ago
update documentation on special chars in macos

Added a significant section to the README that explains the issues with alt on
MacOS in more detail.
README.md: add link to wiki
Improve wordings in README.md
Reword config dictionary explanation in README.md
src/background.ts: disable firenvim on readonly textboxes

Closes #564
README.md: remove appveyor badge
Move CI from Travis to Github Actions
README.md: mention `:not` selector
README.md: document firenvim#eval_js
README.md: tell users that they have to define g:firenvim_config
Add filetype-detection mechanism
README.md: fix broken keyboard-overriding example
Allow overriding `<C-w>`

Closes https://github.com/glacambre/firenvim/issues/103
README.md: warn about snap/flatpak
README.md: make minpac instructions a single code block

This was confusing to #458.