f60bf27a1a3f45c2bb3e17e1cb638a3691300608 — glacambre 1 year, 9 months ago b95b8d8 v0.1.32
package.json: bump version 0.1.31 -> 0.1.32

New features:
- firenvim#eval_js() now takes a second optional argument which lets you
  specify the name of a callback function which should be called with
  the result of the evaluated expression (36a47bd, 748e516).
- It is now possible to ask Firenvim to ignore key presses, letting the
  browser handle them instead (dfccafd).
- Firenvim is now available for Thunderbird nightly (eed5303).

Bug fixes:
- firenvim#press_keys() now has keycodes in the events it generates.
  This means that press_keys() should work with non-standard compliant
  web pages (3040a83).
- The firenvim frame now has a lower z-index, allowing the Vimium frame
  to be on top of it.

Feature removal:
- The persistent server feature has been removed. It has been broken for
  a while and nobody complained.
2 files changed, 12118 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

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