dc7ef8413aa5096cbf7eb21cefde658caac19834 — VladimĂ­r Magyar 2 years ago 022b6ec
Fix smtpauth arg
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M main.go
M main.go => main.go +1 -1
@@ 32,7 32,7 @@ var CLI struct {
		Output      string   `optional:"" short:"o" default:"report.xlsx" help:"attachment file name"`
		SmtpServer  string   `help:"specifies the outgoing SMTP server to use" env:"SMTP_SERVER"`
		SmtpPort    int      `default:"25" help:"specifies a port different from the default port (SMTP servers typically listen to smtp port 25, but may also listen to submission port 587, or the common SSL smtp port 465)" env:"SMTP_PORT"`
		SmtpAuth    string   `enum:",PLAIN,LOGIN" help:"SMTP authentication mechanism" env:"SMTP_AUTH"`
		SmtpAuth    string   `optional:"" default:"" enum:",PLAIN,LOGIN" help:"SMTP authentication mechanism" env:"SMTP_AUTH"`
		SmtpUser    string   `optional:"" help:"username for SMTP-AUTH. if a username is not specified, then authentication is not attempted." env:"SMTP_USER"`
		SmtpPass    string   `optional:"" help:"password for SMTP-AUTH. If no argument is specified, then the empty string is used as the password" env:"SMTP_PASS"`
		SmtpPassCmd string   `optional:"" help:"command that prints the password for SMTP-AUTH" env:"SMTP_PASS_CMD"`