chore: update dependencies
e72ca2d0 — Daniel Hecker 6 months ago
fix: koblenz-press-releases.lua, selectors.go

This commit fixes the currently broken press releases.
Some selectors got updated, some code moved around and some
cleanup for the content html.

This has also some small code changes for selectors.go,
as the configuration for the next page was not loaded before.
fix: apnews.lua
fix: kleinanzeigen.lua
fix: http settings ignored
refactor: limit item getting goroutines with a semaphore
refactor: some lua state things
fix: run lua functions sequentially
chore: update readme and manpages
feat: lua all the things
feat: pure lua config
Add config for linus.dev/posts/
Add config for Rumble channels

This configuration will create feeds for Rumble, a video hosting
bf539e1c — ~makefu 2 years ago
fix: ebay-kleinanzeigen internal extractor fails with no html node found for selector: 'span.breadcrump-leaf'

Just a very quick update, as a hotfix i removed the the 'description' field.

Additionally i added the location to the rss feed text. I also saw that the current config will happily put 'alternative Anzeigen' into the feed (articles which do not match the request).
This is the patch:

build: update dependencies
docs: fix some typos
fix: change auto find preference

For config searching the preference is now: current dir,
.config/ratt/*.yml and the embeded confs.

References: https://todo.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt/7
fix: apnews use only cardHeading
fix: apnews cardHeading
fix: sort enum error