Spigot plugin to damage players under the sun
51f29e70 — Brad Alfirevic 29 days ago
Add check helmet is not null in damager
b2a4dee5 — genuinebyte a month ago
Implement sunlight filtering with black glass
e2790399 — genuinebyte a month ago
Fix bug where first players didn't get safe helmet



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.



Inspired by the 404 challenge, this is a Spigot plugin that restricts your ability to be in sunlight.

Every time you spawn, you're given a leather helmet with Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, and Fire Protection. This gives you some time to gather supplies before you can shield yourself from the sunlight, but if you try to take it off, it'll vanish. This leather helmet gives you around 5 minutes to gather everything you need to live a good life underground, or return home.

Normal helmets give you resistance to the sunlight too. Every second you are exposed to skylight greater than 3, your helmet takes one damage, or if you don't have a helmet, you loose a heart. The table of helmet durability, taken from the Minecraft wiki, is listed below.

Material Durability Time Exposed to Sunlight
Leather 56 56 seconds
Gold 78 1 minute, 18 seconds
Iron 166 2 minutes, 46 seconds
Chainmail 166 2 minutes, 46 seconds
Turtle Shell 276 4 minutes, 36 seconds
Diamond 364 6 minutes, 4 seconds


  • Black glass can shield you from the sun if it is directly above you.
  • Respawn helmets disappear when you are safe.
  • You must have at least Fire Protection I on a helmet to stay safe from sunlight above level 3.