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sprec is a simple speech recognition command that can be used for transcription or automation.

It uses the Vosk speech recognition toolkit, which is FOSS and offline.

#Install From Source

go (aka golang) and scdoc are required.

A binary of the speech recognition library and an English model (about 40MB) can be installed with:

./get-vosk.sh && sudo ./get-vosk.sh install
./get-model.sh && sudo ./get-model.sh install

sprec itself can be installed with:

./build.sh && sudo ./build.sh install


sprec is documented in the manpage.

The sprec_type script types out speech recognition results in realtime. It uses arecord and dotool, and has a --help flag.

#Handsfree Computing

For full-on handsfree computing, see Numen.


You can send questions or patches by composing an email to ~geb/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht.

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GPLv3 only, see LICENSE.

Copyright (c) 2023 John Gebbie