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phrases: put spaces
M phrases/character.phrases => phrases/character.phrases +68 -68
@@ 1,70 1,70 @@
air:press a
bat:press b
cap:press c
drum:press d
each:press e
fig:press f
gust:press g
hoof:press h
ice:press i
jive:press j
kid:press k
link:press l
made:press m
nerd:press n
odd:press o
pit:press p
quench:press q
red:press r
sun:press s
trap:press t
urge:press u
void:press v
whiz:press w
plex:press x
yank:press y
zip:press z
air: press a
bat: press b
cap: press c
drum: press d
each: press e
fig: press f
gust: press g
hoof: press h
ice: press i
jive: press j
kid: press k
link: press l
made: press m
nerd: press n
odd: press o
pit: press p
quench: press q
red: press r
sun: press s
trap: press t
urge: press u
void: press v
whiz: press w
plex: press x
yank: press y
zip: press z

newt:press 0
one:press 1
two:press 2
three:press 3
four:press 4
five:press 5
six:press 6
sept:press 7
eight:press 8
nine:press 9
newt: press 0
one: press 1
two: press 2
three: press 3
four: press 4
five: press 5
six: press 6
sept: press 7
eight: press 8
nine: press 9

ask:press question
plus:press plus
mine:press minus
tide:press asciitilde
yell:press exclam
quid:press dollar
score:press underscore
clause:press colon
same:press semicolon
wax:press parenleft
wane:press parenright
curl:press braceleft
crimp:press braceright
bric:press bracketleft
brac:press bracketright
small:press less
big:press greater
star:press asterisk
hash:press numbersign
mood:press percent
blunt:press asciicircum
snail:press at
gain:press ampersand
vert:press bar
spoke:press quotedbl
mark:press apostrophe
tick:press grave
slash:press slash
slope:press backslash
list:press comma
point:press period
match:press equal
ask: press question
plus: press plus
mine: press minus
tide: press asciitilde
yell: press exclam
quid: press dollar
score: press underscore
clause: press colon
same: press semicolon
wax: press parenleft
wane: press parenright
curl: press braceleft
crimp: press braceright
bric: press bracketleft
brac: press bracketright
small: press less
big: press greater
star: press asterisk
hash: press numbersign
mood: press percent
blunt: press asciicircum
snail: press at
gain: press ampersand
vert: press bar
spoke: press quotedbl
mark: press apostrophe
tick: press grave
slash: press slash
slope: press backslash
list: press comma
point: press period
match: press equal

M phrases/control.phrases => phrases/control.phrases +54 -54
@@ 1,84 1,84 @@
space:press space
yes:press Return
tab:press Tab
scape:stick off\
space: press space
yes: press Return
tab: press Tab
scape: stick off \
	press Escape

# Enable a modifier for the next press
# (The Super modifier is also known as the "Windows key")
shy:mod shift
troy:mod ctrl
hype:mod alt
shock:mod super\
shy: mod shift
troy: mod ctrl
hype: mod alt
shock: mod super \
	stick off
# Clear modifiers
cleanse:mod clear\
	caps off\
cleanse: mod clear \
	caps off \
	stick off

# Enable Caps Lock until the end of the sentence or you say "cleanse"
shout:caps on
<complete>:caps off
shout: caps on
<complete>: caps off

# Start holding down each pressed key, and stop by saying "cleanse"
squeeze:run notify-send STICKING &\
	stick off\
squeeze: run notify-send STICKING & \
	stick off \
	stick on

hack:press BackSpace
mince:press BackSpace BackSpace
toss:press Delete
smite:press Delete Delete
raze:press BackSpace BackSpace BackSpace BackSpace
hack: press BackSpace
mince: press BackSpace BackSpace
toss: press Delete
smite: press Delete Delete
raze: press BackSpace BackSpace BackSpace BackSpace
# Delete a word (depending on the program)
swipe:press ctrl+BackSpace
swipe: press ctrl+BackSpace

left:press Left
right:press Right
up:press Up
down:press Down
lunge:press Left Left
rush:press Right Right
leave:press Left Left Left Left
charge:press Right Right Right Right
left: press Left
right: press Right
up: press Up
down: press Down
lunge: press Left Left
rush: press Right Right
leave: press Left Left Left Left
charge: press Right Right Right Right

# I use these to navigate words and to complete bits of shell autosuggestions
stretch:press ctrl+Right
wrench:press ctrl+Left
stretch: press ctrl+Right
wrench: press ctrl+Left

# PageDown, PageUp, Home, End
page:press Next
reel:press Prior
home:press Home
end:press End
page: press Next
reel: press Prior
home: press Home
end: press End

# Paste the clipboard (depending on the program)
gluten:stick off\
gluten: stick off \
	press XF86Paste

# Repeat the previous press etc.
more:repeat 1
bunch:repeat 2
handful:repeat 4
fistful:repeat 8
plateful:repeat 12
more: repeat 1
bunch: repeat 2
handful: repeat 4
fistful: repeat 8
plateful: repeat 12

frank one:press F1
frank two:press F2
frank three:press F3
frank four:press F4
frank five:press F5
frank six:press F6
frank sept:press F7
frank eight:press F8
frank nine:press F9
frank one newt:press F10
frank one one:press F11
frank one two:press F12
frank one: press F1
frank two: press F2
frank three: press F3
frank four: press F4
frank five: press F5
frank six: press F6
frank sept: press F7
frank eight: press F8
frank nine: press F9
frank one newt: press F10
frank one one: press F11
frank one two: press F12

# This saves your changes in vi-style programs
save:caps off\
save: caps off \
	press Escape colon w Return
# This cycles round splits in Vim
switch:caps off\
switch: caps off \
	press Escape ctrl+w w

M phrases/environment.phrases => phrases/environment.phrases +10 -10
@@ 3,27 3,27 @@
# preconfigured desktop environment: https://git.sr.ht/~geb/tiles

# Navigate to the window in the given direction
west:stick off\
west: stick off \
	press super+Left
east:stick off\
east: stick off \
	press super+Right
north:stick off\
north: stick off \
	press super+Up
south:stick off\
south: stick off \
	press super+Down

# Cycle round the windows
cycle:stick off\
cycle: stick off \
	press super+c
recycle:stick off\
recycle: stick off \
	press super+C

# Close window
exterminate:stick off\
exterminate: stick off \
	press super+q

# Toggle fullscreen
screen:stick off\
screen: stick off \
	press super+f

@@ 31,6 31,6 @@ screen:stick off\
# These two are just for --gadget mode.

# Switch to controlling the gadget
@gadget shock gadget:handler uinput
@gadget shock gadget: handler uinput
# Switch to controlling the host machine
@gadget shock host:handler gadget
@gadget shock host: handler gadget

M phrases/mouse.phrases => phrases/mouse.phrases +4 -4
@@ 5,13 5,13 @@
# [2] https://git.sr.ht/~geb/tiles

# Click
mouse:click left
mouse: click left

# Center the cursor
center:mouseto 0 0\
center: mouseto 0 0 \
	mouseto 0.5 0.5

# Scroll
# (I very occasionally use these if "page"/"reel" and "up"/"down" don't work.)
scroll up:wheel 5
scroll down:wheel -5
scroll up: wheel 5
scroll down: wheel -5

M phrases/voice.phrases => phrases/voice.phrases +17 -17
@@ 4,61 4,61 @@

# Transcribe a sentence
# For example, "scribe please type this".
@transcribe scribe:set numen_fmt echo normal\
@transcribe scribe: set numen_fmt echo normal \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1

# Transcribe a sentence formatted...

# With the first letter uppercase
@transcribe scrub:set numen_fmt echo sentence\
@transcribe scrub: set numen_fmt echo sentence \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# With Each First Letter Uppercase
@transcribe tight scribe:set numen_fmt echo title\
@transcribe tight scribe: set numen_fmt echo title \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# with_underscrores_inbetween
@transcribe snake:set numen_fmt echo snake\
@transcribe snake: set numen_fmt echo snake \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# with-dashes-inbetween
@transcribe dash:set numen_fmt echo dash\
@transcribe dash: set numen_fmt echo dash \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# with.dots.inbetween
@transcribe dot scribe:set numen_fmt echo dot\
@transcribe dot scribe: set numen_fmt echo dot \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# with, commas, inbetween
@transcribe roh scribe:set numen_fmt echo list\
@transcribe roh scribe: set numen_fmt echo list \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# with/slashes/inbetween
@transcribe path scribe:set numen_fmt echo path\
@transcribe path scribe: set numen_fmt echo path \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# allsmashedtogether
@transcribe scrunch:set numen_fmt echo smash\
@transcribe scrunch: set numen_fmt echo smash \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# camelCase
@transcribe camel:set numen_fmt echo camel\
@transcribe camel: set numen_fmt echo camel \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# PascalCase
@transcribe pascal:set numen_fmt echo pascal\
@transcribe pascal: set numen_fmt echo pascal \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# dot.camelCase
@transcribe dot camel:set numen_fmt echo dotcamel\
@transcribe dot camel: set numen_fmt echo dotcamel \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# dot.PascalCase
@transcribe dot pascal:set numen_fmt echo dotpascal\
@transcribe dot pascal: set numen_fmt echo dotpascal \
	pen /etc/numen/scripts/tweak; /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | head -n 1
# (You can also do "shout scribe" etc.)

# Erase the transcription
ditch:eval /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | sed 's/./ BackSpace/g; s/^/press/; q'
ditch: eval /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | sed 's/./ BackSpace/g; s/^/press/; q'

# Go to the start of the transcription
trudge:eval /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | sed 's/./ Left/g; s/^/press/; q'
trudge: eval /etc/numen/scripts/transcripts | sed 's/./ Left/g; s/^/press/; q'

# Menus to type or choose another transcription result
# They use the dmenu command (only works in X11) or the command specified
# by $NUMEN_DMENU or $DMENU (you could use wmenu if you're on Wayland).
transcripts:run /etc/numen/scripts/menu | numenc &\
transcripts: run /etc/numen/scripts/menu | numenc & \
	run sleep 0.1
change:run /etc/numen/scripts/menu change | numenc &\
change: run /etc/numen/scripts/menu change | numenc & \
	run sleep 0.1