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Here we overview software for computing efficiently handsfree. The focus is
on free and open-source solutions that keep you in control.
Disclaimer: I'm the maintainer of <a href="https://numenvoice.com">Numen</a>,
Disclaimer: I'm the maintainer of <a href="https://numenvoice.org">Numen</a>,
so it's obviously the the best voice control.

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@@ 27,7 27,7 @@ of their text editor and window manager.  It works on Linux (X11 only),
Windows and Mac.

<a href="https://numenvoice.com">Numen</a> is a simple alternative to a
<a href="https://numenvoice.org">Numen</a> is a simple alternative to a
keyboard where you type by saying syllables and literal words.  It's for people
who would just like something close to a keyboard so they can use standard
keyboard-focused tools without any integration or switching between phrases.