Integrated Pub Management Application.
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Bugfixes. Unable unimplemented features. Update README.md
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New release v0.4
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Various bugfixes and Spring JPA Data Repository implementation


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#Bar Management

Integrated Pub Management Application

This is an application that aims to cover most of the aspect of managing an establishment like a bar or a pub.


Bar Management isn't yet documented. There is only a few Javadocs comments in the code, however, this will be fixed soon.


Currently, a working mysql database (with "root" username and password "toor") with a "BarManagement"-named schema is needed to run this program (see src/main/resources/beans.xml), complicating deployment and creating unnecesary security risks /! A portable database, like HSQLDB or H2, is meant to be included in order for this program to work out-of-the-box A .jar file containing all the needed dependencies can be found on directory /target, so you can start this project like any other jar-based application: java -jar After executing the .jar package, the Barman Frontend will be opened, and a web server will be started to access the Waiter Frontend. Open your web browser, go to https://:8080, and enter username "admin" and password "0000" (You can change these login credentials from the Barman Frontend)


Before compiling, you must have maven installed. Then, just go to the project root folder (where pom.xml is located) and run: mvn package This will create an executable jar inside /target folder. Also, you can clean the working directory by simply executing: mvn clean


This project is intended to use a lot of different technologies (like Maven, Scala.JS, SBT, MySQL, JSON, HTML, etc...), because I'm learning how to manage them the right way. So feel free to improve and make as much pull requests as you want but, please, be patient, I need to understand what your are trying to do before make the pull effective. Consequently, please, be clear and concise in your requests.

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.


Daniel Trujillo