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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

This is a small HTML/CSS/JS snippet to dinamically generate Portal's Test Chamber Signs.

You can import the sign by copy-pasting-modifying these files (it's very easy).


The provided index.html takes it's configuration data from the URL GET parameters, but the JavaScript code can be easily modified to change this behaviour. The parameters that can be specified are the following:

  • background=[ light | grey | dark ]: Sets the background image lighting.
  • number=[0-99]: Number to be displayed (in both the big numbers area and small progress numbers).
  • total=[0-99]: Maximum number (this is used to display the second small number and to compute the percent progress bars).
  • disable=[box_dropper | box_hurt | ball | catcher | water | fling1 | fling2 | turret | drink | cake]: separated by comma, specifies which icons are disabled.


This has been possible thanks to the work of Curtis Bratton and it's project Raw Level Signage for Portal level development.