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Build InfiniSim LVGL Simulator

Simulator for InfiniTime project.

Experience the InfiniTime user interface directly on your PC, to shorten the time until you get your hands on a real PineTime smartwatch. Or use it to develop new Watchfaces, new Screens, or quickly iterate on the user interface.

For a history on how this simulator started and the challenges on its way visit the original PR.

#Get the Sources

Clone this repository and tell git to recursively download the submodules as well

git clone --recursive https://github.com/InfiniTimeOrg/InfiniSim.git

If you've already cloned the repository without the submodules (or you want to update them to the latest checked in version) run the following command:

git submodule update --init --recursive

#Build dependencies

  • CMake
  • SDL2 (provides the simulator window, handles mouse and keyboard input)
  • Compiler (g++ or clang++)
  • lv_font_conv (for font.c generation since InfiniTime#1097)
    • Note: requires Node.js v12.0.0 or later

On Ubuntu/Debian install the following packages:

sudo apt install -y cmake libsdl2-dev g++ npm

On Arch Linux the following packages are needed:

sudo pacman -S cmake sdl2 gcc npm

On Fedora the following packages are needed:

sudo dnf install cmake SDL2-devel gcc zlib-devel npm

Then install the lv_font_conv executable to the InfiniSim source directory (will be installed at node_modules/.bin/lv_font_conv)

npm install lv_font_conv@1.5.2

#Configure and Build

In the most basic configuration tell cmake to configure the project and build it with the following two commands:

cmake -S . -B build
cmake --build build -j4

The following configuration settings can be added to the first cmake -S . -B build call

  • -DInfiniTime_DIR=InfiniTime: a full path to an existing InfiniTime repository checked out. Inside that directory the src/libs/lvgl submodule must be checked out as well. The default value points to the InfiniTime submodule in this repository.
  • -DMONITOR_ZOOM=1: scale simulator window by this factor

#Run Simulator

When the build was successful the simulator binary can be started with


Running Simulator

To hide the second simulator-status-window start the binary with the --hide-status option

./build/infinisim --hide-status
  • Left mouse button: simulates your finger, just click to tap, click and drag to swipe
  • Right mouse button: simulates the hardware button (for example turn the screen off or on again)

Using the keyboard the following events can be triggered:

  • r ... enable ringing
  • R ... disable ringing
  • m ... let motor run for 100 ms
  • M ... let motor run for 255 ms
  • n ... send notification
  • N ... clear new notification flag
  • b ... connect Bluetooth
  • B ... disconnect Bluetooth
  • v ... increase battery voltage and percentage
  • V ... decrease battery voltage and percentage
  • c ... charging,
  • C ... not charging
  • l ... increase brightness level
  • L ... lower brightness level
  • p ... enable print lvgl memory usage to terminal
  • P ... disable print memory usage
  • s ... increase step count by 500 steps
  • S ... decrease step count by 500 steps
  • h ... set heartrate running, and on further presses increase by 10 bpm
  • H ... stop heartrate
  • i ... take screenshot
  • I ... start/stop Gif scren capture

#Littlefs-do helper

To help working with the SPI-raw file the tool littlefs-do is provided. The SPI-raw file emulates the persistent 4MB storage available over the SPI bus on the PineTime.

$ ./littlefs-do --help
Usage: ./littlefs-do <command> [options]
  -h, --help           show this help message for the selected command and exit
  -v, --verbose        print status messages to the console
  stat                 show information of specified file or directory
  ls                   list available files in 'spiNorFlash.raw' file
  mkdir                create directory
  rmdir                remove directory
  rm                   remove directory or file
  cp                   copy files into or out of flash file
  settings             list settings from 'settings.h'
  res                  resource.zip handling

#Resource loading

To load resource zip files into the SPI raw file for the simulator to use the res load command can be used.

$ ./littlefs-do res --help
Usage: ./littlefs-do res <action> [options]
  load res.zip         load zip file into SPI memory
  -h, --help           show this help message for the selected command and exit


This project is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 or, at your option, any later version. The same license as InfiniTime.

The simulator is based on lv_sim_eclipse_sdl project under the MIT license.