Software engineering & formal methods in computer science.

Functional programming and maths ethusiast.

Currently in ♥ with Haskell & Japan.


Current email (will change in the future): dtviedma@gmail.com


A system for publicly controlling my christmas tree's decoration


Data Science Master's thesis about the parallelized version of RIPPER


A Telegram bot to get details of Marlin firmware GCodes


A Scala/Spark implementation of RIPPER algorithm.


Easy to use library for building Telegram bots in Haskell.


My solutions for the Haskell MOOC from the University of Helsinki (https://haskell.mooc.fi)


An (almost) purely functional Intel 8085 simulator.


A game bot for Telegram


My solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 challenges


Source code of the 3D things I make


A tutorial for setting up a remote (internet) OctoPrint instance


My solutions to the Advent of Code 2019 challenges


Aplicación web para la gestión de la organización docente de másteres.

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