Computer engineer and Functional Programming ethusiast.

Currently in ♥ with Scala, Haskell & Japan.



My solutions for the Haskell MOOC from the University of Helsinki (https://haskell.mooc.fi)


An (almost) purely functional Intel 8085 simulator.


A game bot for Telegram


My solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 challenges


Source code of the 3D things I make


A tutorial for setting up a remote (internet) OctoPrint instance


My solutions to the Advent of Code 2019 challenges


Aplicación web para la gestión de la organización docente de másteres.


Dispositivas para la charla "De 0 a Spark en 20 minutos".


Integrated Pub Management Application.


A genetic algorithm that optimizes where to fire XMP bursters in Ingress game to maximize damage.


OpenSearch description of the University of Jaen public directory.


Solutions of the FAC practise activities, 19/20

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