Software engineering & formal methods in computer science.

Functional programming and maths ethusiast.

Currently in ♥ with Haskell & Japan.


Current email (will change in the future): dtviedma@gmail.com


Customized fork of InfiniTime


A system for publicly controlling my christmas tree's decoration


A tool to upload files to your PineTime through the BLEFS API


My fork of InfiniSim to work with my customized InfiniTime


Marlin configured for my 3D Printer Juanita


Data Science Master's thesis about the parallelized version of RIPPER


A Telegram bot to get details of Marlin firmware GCodes


A Scala/Spark implementation of RIPPER algorithm.


Easy to use library for building Telegram bots in Haskell.


My solutions for the Haskell MOOC from the University of Helsinki (https://haskell.mooc.fi)


An (almost) purely functional Intel 8085 simulator.


A game bot for Telegram


My solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 challenges


Source code of the 3D things I make

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