Configuration-based dotfiles manager
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A configuration-based dotfiles manager able to organize dotfiles by symlinking them according to a configuration file written in TOML.

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See park(1) and park(5).


Use the mailing list to

  • Report issues
  • Request new features
  • Send patches
  • Discuss development in general

If applicable, a new ticket will be submitted by maintainers to the issue tracker in order to track confirmed bugs or new features.

#Building and distributing the project

This project is built entirely in Rust. Build it as you wish for local usage, and package it to your distro of preference in accordance with its policy on how to package Rust projects.

NOTE: cargo build generates shell completions for Bash, ZSH and Fish, which are available at target/completions, and manpages at target/doc (only when scdoc is available).