added notice to README about the merge of the two repos, and a warning

about the repo being in the middle of a refactor.
added openssl-dev dep to sourcehut build manifest
bullet formatting in contributions section
example client config file added
using sourcehut as primary repo location

added build manifest for sourcehut
Merging the client and library into a single crate
updated travis conf

pulling prebuilt tarpaulin
switched from full build to `cargo check` to save CI time
set to use ubuntu bionic for builds
removed build profiles from Cargo.toml
version bump and release opt level set to z
removed linter flag that wasn't useful
lints and cleanup

Removed unnecessary lifetime annotations
Moved Tweet::from_str to an impl of std::str::FromStr
Unignoring two tests that used to segfault cargo-tarpaulin
Changed some comparisons from .len() < 1 to is_empty()
moved to ureq for requests
updated doctest for parse::metadata so it no longer panics
using custom error type instead of string
changed metadata parse section:
if both metadata heading and keyword aren't in the file, return err
further check for improperly formatted statuses
updated crate metadata