async Gemini protocol server
removed return type from main.
removed redundant wording in error messages on startup
removed runtime panics in main.rs


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Async Gemini protocol server, using async-std, async-tls, and rustls.

This thing isn't finished yet, so there are no tagged releases. If you want to build from master, beware: here be dragons. I also need to do some cleanup and reorganization.

  • Drops privs (by default, to laika)
  • Serves static content
  • Configurable gemini root, port, ip to bind to, logfile location (laika --help)

I will be implementing the following soon:

  • User directories (~/public_gemini)
  • CGI (FastCGI? SCGI? CGI?)
  • 10 INPUT responses and replies
  • Client cert verification
  • Get rid of all the runtime panics used during testing


Update 2022-01-21

I want to re-start this. There wasn't that much left to do when I stopped working on it.

I'm primarily using sr.ht/~gbmor/laika for development, but the tree will be mirrored to github.com/gbmor/laika.