removed unnecessary 'update' target from Makefile
updated the upgrade instructions

removed mention of backing up the config file. the makefile doesn't
overwrite config files any longer.
dealing with time is hard
handling datetime edge case where seconds are missing
makefile now safely installs over older versions

checks for existence of getwtxt.yml, style.css, and index.html.
these files won't be overwritten, but the user is notified to
merge them manually.
fixed test case for fetching remote registry data
conditionally parsing datestamp as either rfc3339Nano or rfc3339
codeclimate is misbehaving - disabling for now
removed github issue template
clarified mailing list for patches/discussion
added go1.14.x to travis build manifest
remove border from anchor links in nav
updated makefile to use printf
updated readme to reflect sourcehut
fixed build manifest

wasn't reading test files of child modules
updating module to live at sourcehut

Also moving the 'registry' library into this repo, rather
than maintaining them separately. It will still be decoupled,
just live in this repository.
added local copy of water.css
Allowing static files to be served directly from
a directory specified in the config.

Added a handler to svc.go:Start() to serve /static/
Added default value in conf.go for "StaticFilesDirectory" in the
config file.
Read the value of StaticFilesDirectory in config to the config
global in conf.go
clean wasn't removing binary previously
added static files dir to install section of makefile