twtxt registry library for Go (moved into main getwtxt repo)
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added note about new library location
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instead of returning nil statuses on empty registry, return empty []string



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#twtxt Registry Library for Go

ARCHIVED: This library now lives in the main getwtxt repository

getwtxt-registry helps you implement twtxt registries in Go. It uses no third-party dependencies whatsoever, only the standard library, and has no global state. Specifying your own http.Client for requests is encouraged, with a sensible default available by passing nil to the constructor.

#Using the Library

Just add it to your imports list in the file(s) where it's needed.

import (


The code is commented, so feel free to browse the files themselves. Alternatively, the generated documentation can be found at:



All contributions are very welcome! Please specify that you are referring to getwtxt-registry when using the following: