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Command-line community notice board. Post text-only notes for other users to see.


  • Username is tagged based on the executing user
  • Shows the 15 most recent posts in descending order
  • Able to go back and edit your own posts
  • Title <= 30 chars
  • Body <= 500 chars
  • Calls $EDITOR when creating or modifying the body of a post
  • If $EDITOR is unset, calls nano



Current build dependencies are as follows:

  • rust >= 1.36
  • libsqlite3-dev

The installation for the build deps will vary based on your OS (Linux, BSD)

Clone the repository and jump into the directory:

$ git clone git://github.com/gbmor/clinte.git
$ cd clinte
$ git checkout $(git describe --tags --abbrev=0)

Run the makefile and install:

$ make

$ sudo make install


Issuing the program name itself will list the currently available posts, like in the screenshot above.

Display recent posts

$ clinte

Create a post

$ clinte post

clinte will then ask for the title of the post, and the body. The username will be tagged automatically by your logged-in username, reflecting its intended use on multi-user UNIX-like systems.

Edit a post

$ clinte update [id]

If the [id] argument is absent, clinte will ask for the ID number of the post. If it's been authored by you, then you will be asked for the new title. Your $EDITOR will be called, and will be populated with the previous body.

Delete a post

$ clinte delete [id]

If the [id] argument is absent, clinte asks for the numeric ID of the post to delete.

Verbose logging

$ clinte -v [post|update|delete] [id]

Use this flag if something's going wrong. Additional information will be written to /tmp/clinte_$USER.log that will, hopefully, reveal the cause of the error.