v1.0.0 1 year, 27 days ago

huge cleanup:

c5ea653 logging changes
53f2d63 using in-memory db for tests, passing path to logging::init()
7d132af changed author line
16fbf51 moved check for val of $EDITOR into ed::call()
cf3b662 hiding some log messages behind -v flag
fdf322b updated makefile to use printf instead of echo
f79e97f removed panics from logging initialization
8ecc294 cleaner error handling and verbose logging in main()
841e6a3 removed panics and refactored error handling
c3c1db6 editing a post calls $EDITOR
896f987 prepopulating editor with post body when editing
99c5537 post ID can be specified as an argument.
9aaaedc clippy lints
8fbced8 added test for tempfile creation
5b6d798 expanded usage, removed extraneous info about crates