ref: v2.1.3 clinte/.travis.yml -rw-r--r-- 321 bytes
removed old packages from travis
travis using single-threaded testing
updated travis cfg; setup Cargo.toml for crates.io

Added pertinent fields to Cargo.toml to publish on crates.io and

Updated .travis.yml - using bionic for build, tarpaulin binary can
now be pulled rather than built in-place.
Revert "pulling tarpaulin binary for travis instead of building"

This reverts commit b7e3bc467e483ec44e08fae1a97f1e5827acb7cb.
pulling tarpaulin binary for travis instead of building
left out install step for cargo-tarpaulin causing build failure
using cargo tarpaulin instead of grcov
update readme & travis config