ref: d033f0d23934b2d578ca9ef5aaf6ba1cf51aef00 clinte/Cargo.toml -rw-r--r-- 965 bytes
bumped version in Cargo.toml
extensive rewrite to use json for storage:

sqlite3 requires the directory where the database resides to be
writeable by the user. This presents a problem on multiuser UNIX systems
where they may want to limit areas where users have write access.

This rewrite totally scraps the sqlite3 database in favor of a pretty
simple json file consisting of an array of posts. flock(2) locking is
used to synchronize access to the file and make sure two clients aren't
trying to write to it at once. The locking is fairly granular right now,
but later I may change it to using a single lock for the duration of
execution since race conditions are *possible*, if unlikely for the
purposes of clinte's intended use.
updated travis cfg; setup Cargo.toml for crates.io

Added pertinent fields to Cargo.toml to publish on crates.io and

Updated .travis.yml - using bionic for build, tarpaulin binary can
now be pulled rather than built in-place.
updated deps + added release profile to Cargo.toml
fixed subcommands
now opens $EDITOR to write post body
logging reflects executing username
moved some functionality to module, added tests
moved display to 15 posts
ensure submitted posts are utf8
enabled deletion of posts
added functionality to update posts
enabled hints for cli args, changed db location
finished posting and display
added subtype to db::Cmd. Fleshed out cli args.