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Hosted on itch.io and SourceHut.

Mitch is an unofficial mobile client for itch.io, the indie game storefront. The app allows you to install Android games from the store and keep them updated. Thus, this can act as an alternative to the Google Play Store for indie game developers and enthusiasts.

  • Download games from itch.io and keep them updated
  • Support for APK downloads as well as HTML5 games
  • itch.io account is not required
  • Blocks trackers and analytics by default (F-Droid version only)
  • Beautiful Material UI adapts to custom color schemes set by game developers
  • Full functionality of itch.io's mobile website

The app is still in development, some features are planned but not yet implemented.


Translations are provided by the generous people at Weblate.

If you'd like to contribute to Mitch, consider helping out with translations!

Стан перекладу


Mitch is available on F-Droid:

Get it on F-Droid

There are other ways to get this app:

  • Buy the APK from itch.io
  • Compile from source

#Compiling from source

This is a standard Android Studio project, which relies on Gradle.

Unix-y systems:

git clone https://gitlab.com/gardenappl/mitch.git
cd mitch
./gradlew build


git clone https://gitlab.com/gardenappl/mitch.git
cd mitch
gradlew.bat build

Instead of using the build task (which builds every variant of the app and can take a while), consider building only one flavor: replace build with assembleFdroidRelease or assembleItchioRelease.