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These are some of my Unix-y dotfiles. There isn't too much customization, but there are a few notable things:

  1. I use Wayland as much as possible, my setup is built around Sway and pretty much everything is configured to run on native Wayland.
  2. I prefer white themes, even for the terminal. Black text on a light background is easier to read! If you insist that white themes make your eyes hurt, I highly recommend installing wlsunset and/or taking breaks occasionally.

These dotfiles are managed using GNU Stow. To install them, run the following commands:

git clone https://gitlab.com/gardenappl/dotfiles.git
cd dotfiles/stow
stow * --target ~

This should work on pretty much any system as long as you have git and Stow installed.

#Configured programs

  • fish shell
  • elinks
  • fontconfig
  • Sway
  • Waybar
  • Kitty terminal
  • (neo)vim
  • mpv
  • youtube-dl
  • htop
  • tg
  • mailcap

Other things that these dotfiles rely on:

  • bemenu (/usr/bin/dmenu is symlinked to /usr/bin/bemenu)
  • Firefox, bombadillo (Gopher and Gemini terminal browser)
  • swaylock, swayidle
  • glow - Markdown previews
  • exa - fancy ls
  • LBRY, I2P
  • lbt
  • xdg-open, gtk-launch
  • aurutils - suckless AUR helper
  • aerc - mail client
  • wlsunset - Wayland gamma control
  • j4-dmenu-desktop
  • mako - notification manager for Wayland
  • pulsemixer, pamixer or amixer
  • vifm - file manager
  • Font Awesome, Liberation, DejaVu Sans Mono
  • unicode-emoji

And probably some others that I'm forgetting right now.


.local/bin contains some tiny scripts which some might find useful.