Docker compose based projeqtor deployment
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Acknowledgement Thanks to Fabrice Romand fabrice.romand@gmail.com for the starter

  • Tested with Projeqtor 9.3.4


Dockerized projeqtor. The manual is bundled in the repo (useful to look at the API).

The docker-compose bundled will build the php image to run Projeqtor, and uses volumes for the persistent data.


#Prepare environnement

  • download and unzip Projeqtor package to ./temp/
  • copy ./temp/projeqtor to ./data/www/
  • chmod 777 ./data/www/projeqtor/tool and ./data/www/projeqtor/files. This is necessary so that the docker image for the application can write necessary configuration to operate

#Build docker images

$ docker-compose build --force-rm --no-cache --pull --parallel

#Start the stack

$ docker-compose up -d

#Connect to Projeqtor

#First access configuration

Replace database host value by mysql

Add database password mysql

  • database host : mysql
  • database root password : mysql
  • Save settings, then go to login screen

#Login to Projeqtor

  • user: admin
  • password: admin

The first login takes time because of mysql migrations (maybe should move the stack to pg)

#Stop the stack

$ docker-compose down -v

#Connect to PHPMyAdmin

#Connect to MySQL

Use your preferred MySQL client connected to localhost port 3306 (admin user: root / password: mysql)