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Remove colemak bindings
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Tweak bindings still
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#Fennel based neovim init

This is a test to get all the lisp goodness in a neovim configuration. Also mostly doing some lisp to cool off.

Note This toy probably needs Neovim 0.7.0+, because I didn't care about extra compat


  • [X] As usable as Vanilla neovim
  • [ ] Can run Fennel commands to affect running Neovim
  • [ ] Get complex enough to declare +emacs+ neovim bankruptcy


#Neovim Lua "bootstrap"

A few hacks in the initialization are used to defer the init to Lua, and then Fennel.

#Fennel as first party language

Everything happens in the init function of config.fnl, and then in all the surrounding modules, including bootstrapping packer.nvim, and all plugin configuration (including GUIs; they're plugins right?)

#Packer.nvim for plugin management

The plugin list is declared simply in a table variable in plugins.fnl file, and Packer handles all the rest by providing :Packer* commands in Neovim later.

#Tentative roadmap

#Devtools in the config

I'll edit this in emacs for the time being, but having the Neovim API doc somewhere handy and completion in Fennel would be awesome

#Automatically reload and PackerSync on plugins.fnl changes

For the QoL.

#Add a safe-packadd and safe-require to utils

Just so the config never crashes on plugins unsync, but instead shows a message with more info like

FOO is missing, maybe you need to :PackerSync

#Automatically packadd nvim lua packages

The packadd is necessary to update the runtimepath, which triggers an update of lua package.path and package.cpath

Without this, the require "XXX" calls fail

So it would be nice to handle this transparently from the config

#Find an actual good solution to replace magit

And not instantly cry whenever I hit SPC g g.

#Fix load order of direnv.vim vs LSP server start

For the time being, when I go in a JS project that only has the LSP servers through direnv (via layout node or something, I need to:

  • hit RET a bunch of times to pass error messages
  • do :e to reload the buffer
  • hit RET a bunch of times to pass "expected" error messages (like tailwindcss server missing if I'm in a project that doesn't use tailwind)