Private build of iosevka
Ignore errors during font generation
Remove --careful NF flag
Patch font with Nerd icons


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#Iosevka Clapoto

This is a customized build of iosevka for my personal usage. Clone at your own risk. I will not give any reasons for the changes that will happen.

Thanks to Prot for inspiring me and convincing that I can too, make the font that I like


#The lazy way

All necessary steps can be done by using make && make install, which will install the font locally on Linux only for the current user.

It basically just uses the docker image to build the font with some lazily hardcoded arguments that I like, and then install the fonts in the correct location to be picked up by a fc-cache invocation.

#More control

Use the docker build image:

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/build avivace/iosevka-build

and you can add the flags you want, like the font version of Iosevka to use, or the number of CPUs, or the variants to build etc.

If you do not want to use the docker image, you are probably proficient enough not to need that readme.

#Private build documentation

The main repo for Iosevka has a nice wiki page.