Learning Rust FFI and Emacs Dynamic Modules
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#Rust bindings for Emacs' dynamic modules

This is a learning experiment in FFI world.

#Crude roadmap

  • generate raw bindings with bindgen
  • export the correct plugin_is_GPL_compatible plugin
  • load succesfully a .so in Emacs (calling the module initialization function)
  • write and export a function that takes no parameter and return a single value
  • write and export a function that takes one parameter, check its type and return a value
  • Clean up the code to try to reduce unsafe exposure
  • write and export a function that takes variadic parameters and return a value
  • abstract the necessary boilerplate code in reusable unsafe wrappers

#Current state

Once you build the project and copy the libsimple.so file in your Emacs load-path, you can try

(require 'libsimple)
;; Returns 18
;; Errors out because no arg
;; Errors out because not a number
(emacs-rs--oddp "nan")
;; is t
(emacs-rs--oddp 1)
;; is nil
(emacs-rs--oddp 2)

#Wrapping the binary

Calling a bare (require 'libemacs_rs) will make Emacs unhappy as it expects a require to (provide) the feature to avoid subsequent loading. I think the best solution is to wrap this call inside a lisp library :

;; your library

(cond ((memq system-name '(ms-dos windows-nt cygwin))
       (load 'libemacs_rs.dll'))
      ((memq system-name '(darwin))
       (load 'libemacs_rs.dylib'))
      (t (load 'libemacs_rs.so')))
(provide 'emacs_rs)