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#Doom Emacs configuration

Private Doom Emacs configuration.

#Private modules

Adding private modules is as easy as adding them in the modules folder, so this is my testing ground :

  • before pushing PRs to Doom, or
  • to easily toggle features



Trying out selectrum from time to time to see if I prefer it to Ivy or Helm



This is the ~modules/config/default +smartparens~ part I copied in order to control the changes in smartparens behaviour. I will probably deprecate it soon.



A copy of the WIP format module rewrite using apheleia



Support for Beancount files. Basically just including the beacount major mode from beancount source code (I changed the base mode be cause I target newer emacs).

I am also trying to add bean-format as a formatter. This is a WIP.

#Powershell (basic module example)

Support for powershell. Most basic module ever, if anyone wants to see how to "package" a plugin and a simple config in a module.


#Elcord (basic module example)

Rich presence in Discord (get the /playing Doom Emacs/ status)

#C/C++ module

Inspired by maskRay, I keep my cc configuration apart. Mostly just a few overrides of settings (for GDB / Projectile), and if lsp-mode is used (not eglot), then the ccls configuration kicks in too, adding a few functions wrote by maskRay for code navigation in the ccls-tree mode.

#Transient (Spacemacs-like)

Use Hercules.el to get "transient states" like Spacemacs advertises. Currently this is just a test module to see how it could be integrated in Doom. I only use it for buffers and for windows (and not even that often)



A copy of the WIP direnv module rewrite


A try to integrate fzf.el directly in Doom, its architecture (i.e. maintain the fzf process with a subjob in emacs) is better for the filtering of large lists of candidates

#Tree Sitter

A draft to include Tree Sitter into Doom. This currently works "well enough" for my setup, but this is the kind of module which is hard to PR because of the width of the scope and support issue it might generate


#Telephone line

I use telephone line as my modeline. I mostly copied some modeline formats from the default :ui modeline module, and made them work nicely with telephone-line.

The arbritrary choice of separators conviced me to go for it.


Building an Emacs 27+ version of :ui workspace module to get rid of the costly (maintenance-wise) persp-mode dependency.

It uses the new tab-bar-mode to handle the workspaces, and uses bufler solely for buffer grouping.

Hopefully, adding in burly.el and bookmark+ will help create per-project persistence to return exactly where the user was before closing.