CPP implementation of Diceware passphrase generation method
9f0b1f76 — Gerry Agbobada 2 years ago
Implement factory to switch random_source from client code
85c046f4 — Gerry Agbobada 2 years ago
Refactor Random Providers : create hierarchy for RandomSource
ba21b0bf — Gerry Agbobada 2 years ago
Add working Random.org API true random generation.


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#Diceware in C++


This is a toy project, just to make myself at ease with Networking and threading and coding practices probably.

Nothing is stable .Do not expect this project to be your go-to solution at all.

I'll probably add weird tests and I'm still not sure about how to use CI/CD to produce production artifacts. You've been warned.


This project run an executable which produces strong passwords using the diceword method.


For the algorithm, and the words list I am targeting this paper

#Why Diceware ?

Diceware method for generating passwords is really nice and fun (I like throwing dice), and I would like to use it to generate passwords on the fly for the occasions where I don't have the time to actually do the full method (quick sign up on a site I'll probably visit only once).

#Reinventing the wheel

Diceware is simple enough so I can implement it in my own way, so here I am.

There are probably a lot of diceware implementations in the wild

I advise you to run the dice or trust these other guys, since crypto is not my forte (I know I have to use a cryptographically validated number gen, but it's still pseudo-random; and that's pretty much it, this command line tool does not protect you from snooping eyes or other infections/memory watchers I do not know of)