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M stages/frontend.go
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@@ 61,6 61,8 @@
                <div class="section">
                    <h4>Getting Started</h4>
                    <p>If this is your first time to Mortar, please <a href="https://auth.mortardata.org/signup?response_type=code&client_id=39seicjl2i1setbu0ur075n1bp&redirect_uri=https://mortardata.org/login">make an account</a>.</p>
                    <p>An interactive in-browser tutorial for Mortar is available <a href="https://tutorial.mortardata.org/">here</a>.</p>
                    <p>The <a href="https://querybuilder.mortardata.org/">interactive Brick query builder</a> is a convenient place to start experimenting with the Brick metadata model.</p>
                    <p>Documentation can be found <a href="/docs">here</a>. Keep in mind it is a work in progress!</p>
                    <p>The <a href="https://github.com/SoftwareDefinedBuildings/mortar-analytics">Mortar Analytics Library</a> is an open-source repository of building data analytics built using Mortar. Feel free to use them and improve upon them by submitting changes (or your own analytics) with a pull request.</p>
                    <p>You can <a href="https://lists.eecs.berkeley.edu/sympa/subscribe/mortar-users">Subscribe</a> to the <a href="mailto:mortar-users@lists.eecs.berkeley.edu">mortar-users</a> mailing list for updates, announcements, discussions and support.

M stages/frontend.go => stages/frontend.go +9 -0
@@ 116,6 116,12 @@ func (stage *ApiFrontendBasicStage) String() string {
// identify which sites meet the requirements of the queries
func (stage *ApiFrontendBasicStage) Qualify(ctx context.Context, request *mortarpb.QualifyRequest) (*mortarpb.QualifyResponse, error) {

	defer func() {
		if r := recover(); r != nil {
			log.Warning("Recovered in qualify", r)

	t := time.Now()
	defer func() {
		log.Info("Qualify took ", time.Since(t))

@@ 161,6 167,9 @@ func (stage *ApiFrontendBasicStage) Qualify(ctx context.Context, request *mortar
		if resp.Error != "" {
		if req.err != nil && resp.Error == "" {
			resp.Error = req.err.Error()
		return resp, nil
	case <-ctx.Done():