pdf, docx and html output of a resume from a markdown file
Modified make file for docx format
Added licence file before first commit to srcht after move from github
1100398e — Bharath M. Palavalli 4 months ago
Modified templated files and folder structure


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Maintaining and updating a resume is often an uphill task. In modern times, due to the demand and needs from different resume processing systems, multiple formats are often required. This template allows people to create and customise their resume in three formats: HTML, PDF and DOCX.

Please head hover to the outputs folder for sample files.

#Tools/libraries used

  • pandoc
  • xelatex
  • biblatex

#To do (in no particular order)

  • [x] Include comments in makefile
  • [x] Update the templates for uniformity
  • [x] Update location of files
  • [ ] Add dependency checker
  • [x] Add license file
  • [x] Clean up template files
  • [ ] Position logo/photo appropriately

#Contact me

Fosstodon: @5uie1@fosstodon.org
XMPP: fui@jabb3r.org
Matrix: @5uie1:matrix.org