ref: 6795644fd74a34f3ec28f5a4b88bb961f4417937 zuke/zuke.c -rw-r--r-- 22.8 KiB
remove useless priority setting
show where zuke would seek if the user would press on the seek bar
same as last commit but better
make the area around seek bar not do anything when clicked
make seek bar slightly wider
simplify current position logic in drawing
fix current track highlight position
simplify seeking logic
allow only one instance of picker to run, kill picker on exit
close audio in picker proc since we're forking with RFFDG
fix picker pid with newwindow call, also put themeproc and the rest into a separate notify group
add -s option to start in shuffled mode
don't get stuck forever on broken streams, skip to the next one
fix crash reported by qwx; harden player logic, print more useful info when something goes wrong
use readn and correct loop break conditions
remove all /dev/audio reopening logic
add livestreams support
free /dev/audio when not needed
shuffle: stop "next" player regardless