new playlist loader: allocate all metadata once
rework playlist plumbing
mkplist: store full paths, always
plumbing music files (only the ones in the playlist for now) and playlists
move printmeta into its own C file
do not include C files anymore
QLock → Lock; add more flags to rfork
close stdin after playlist was read
add -G argument to dump the playlist in a new format
add a new format of playlist; zuke will load the old one too
readme: add supported formats section
add IT support (libtags update required)
mkplist: fix wrong verb used for duration (thanks qwx)
open /dev/audio with OCEXEC as should have been long time ago
shut down audio when stopping
claim /dev/audio only when required
change duration to uvlong; do not seek on streams
icy: deal with netmkaddr potentially returning nil
fix numerical progress background width for streams with no duration