a history? are you kidding me...
libtags update: MOD format
fix position formatter using a wrong type
libtags update: S3M format
mkplist: use audio/moddec (if available) to read duration
add "basename" column, put it into "title" column if track has none, and no path nor basename column is showing
do not use -s with decoders unless actually seeking; allow seeking with known formats but no duration
do not get stuck (or crash) if a decoder program is absent
change for libtags update
fix scrolling issues related to playback of the last track
fix recenter going too far with the last track playing
emulate key presses by parsing "key KEYS" plumb message from audio port
readme: link the rc music player by umbraticus
better fix for enter: set display into locking mode, as required
do not redraw on mouse move when not playing; lock display when entering
write currently playing metadata to stdout unless it is /dev/cons
cover size: include shuffle "icon" and hh: part of the progress/length
initialize newseekmx so that position does not get stuck at 00:00 at start (thanks Michael Forney)