look for "art" covers; space key for toggle (thanks umbraticus)
make currently playing/found item appear on the window on "o", search, and shuffle
don't display duration at all if it's unknown (as it is with online streams)
add a few yields in redraw to reduce sound crackle with slow drawing
fix non-interruptable temporary warning
fix crash when middle-clicking outside of the track list
add -d option for debugging
remove useless return value from start(player)
better choice of colors
seekbar: don't do insetrect, use 'f_low' color for the seekbar background
change default theme
remove useless priority setting
show where zuke would seek if the user would press on the seek bar
same as last commit but better
make the area around seek bar not do anything when clicked
make seek bar slightly wider
simplify current position logic in drawing