XMPP client for Plan 9
ed2752fe — Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir 1 year, 3 months ago
preserve original jid verbatim for matching with "to" (thanks binarycat)
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use %q for server and user
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update SOURCE section


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

XMPP(1)                     General Commands Manual                    XMPP(1)

       xmpp - XMPP client

       xmpp [ -n nick ] [ -r resource ] [ -p ] [ -h ] [ -y ] jid | jid@server

       xmpp is a simple XMPP client.

       It supports multi-user chat (MUC).  Server-side bookmarks are used to
       join specific MUCs automatically on connect. TLS is required, SCRAM-
       SHA-1, DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN authentication methods are supported.  The
       latter is enabled using -y option. Thumbprints of trusted servers are
       expected to be in /sys/lib/tls/xmpp, see thumbprint(6).

       -p enables "joined"/"left" messages, which are disabled by default.

       -h allows MUCs to send out "discussion history".

       The command language understood by xmpp is as follows:
       /j [jid[/nick] [passwd]]
             join MUC
       /p [target]
             part MUC
       /q data
             send raw data to the server
       /t target
             cycle through matching targets
       /w [target]
             get list of active nicks in the MUC
       /W [target]
             get list of all nicks in the MUC
             list bookmarked MUCs
             bookmark current MUC
             remove current MUC from bookmarks
       /a target affiliation
             set affiliation (for a target in MUC)
       /a [room]
             get affiliations for a room (current one if no args given)
       /me ...
             "/me"-style message
             start multiline message (end with a dot on a single line)
       /n nick
             set nick for current MUC
             show roster (list online contacts)
             show roster (show offline and jids)
       /r+ (jid|target) [name]
             subscribe/approve, add to roster
       /r- target
             unsubscribe/decline, remove from roster
       /s [room]
             show current subject
       /S [room]
             start new subject (end with a dot on a single line)

       Affiliations are: none, owner, admin, member, outcast.

       The target can be specified as follows:
       room@domain            a specific room
       room@domain/nick       private chat (MUC)
       Wernher                private chat (roster, name)
       wernher@paperclip.gov  private chat (roster, jid)

       Assuming you previously joined a MUC pravda@cc.cpsu.su, you can quickly
       switch to private chat with kgbvax as follows:
       /t pravda/kgbvax
       /t pr/kgb
       /t p/k


       Of course.

       XMPP sucks. XML sucks.