Void Linux images for MNT Reform 2
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#The Void Linux image/live/rootfs maker and installer

This repository contains utilities for Void Linux:

  • installer (The Void Linux el-cheapo installer for x86)

  • mklive (The Void Linux live image maker for x86)

  • mkimage (The Void Linux image maker for ARM platforms)

  • mkplatformfs (The Void Linux filesystem tool to produce a rootfs for a particular platform)

  • mkrootfs (The Void Linux rootfs maker for ARM platforms)

  • mknet (Script to generate netboot tarballs for Void)

#Build Dependencies
  • make
  • Compression type for the initramfs image
    • liblz4 (for lz4, xz) (default)
  • xbps>=0.45
  • qemu-user-static binaries (for mkrootfs)


$ make

and then see the usage output:

$ ./mklive.sh -h
$ ./mkrootfs.sh -h
$ ./mkimage.sh -h

Build a native live image keyboard set to 'fr':

# ./mklive.sh -k fr

Build an i686 (on x86_64) live image with some additional packages:

# ./mklive.sh -a i686 -p 'vim rtorrent'

Build an x86_64 musl live image with packages stored in a local repository:

# ./mklive.sh -a x86_64-musl -r /path/to/host/binpkgs

See the usage output for more information :-)