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A video player for 9front.


  • Builds and runs on both 386 and amd64.
  • Builds on arm but does not work yet.
  • Does NOT build on arm64.

Supported container formats:

  • mp4
  • mkv/webm

Supported video formats:

  • h.264
  • av1
  • vp8
  • vp9

Supported audio formats:

  • aac
  • flac
  • opus
  • vorbis
  • mp3


rm -rf /tmp/treason
mkdir /tmp/treason
cd /tmp/treason
hget https://ftrv.se/_/treason.gz | gunzip | disk/mkext -d .


See how to Youtube on ⑨.


You need a fast computer to play AV1. H.264 doesn't require as much.

Only 8-bit per component YUV 4:2:0 is supported atm, but I'm yet to find a video that has something else. Send a link?


sigrid on 9gridchan or IRC (irc.oftc.net/#cat-v).